MOORE BROTHERS - 2021, 2020, 2019  GRAMMY Contender

The Moore Brothers are known for their particular brand of modern, soulful indie pop, blending lush, melodic vocals with dance-worthy beats. Led by multi-instrumentalist Jake Moore on keys, guitar, organ, mandolin, banjo, and lead vocals, their songs are enhanced by Ike Moore’s creatively layered harmonies and often-improvisational guitar riffs. There’s a vibrant energy to their tracks, with effortless lyrics that explore emotions and situations in simple, memorable lines: “City lights / all look the same / when it’s 3am.”  The Moore Brothers are influenced by a wide range of pop, rock, and R&B artists, from The Weeknd and Maroon5 to John Mayer, Van Halen, and Bruce Springsteen, weaving vocal harmonies into catchy, radio-ready hooks that showcase their knack for producing hip, polished hits.


"Little Trick" - OUT Now on all major platforms!  Watch on YouTube

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